Online School decides not to increase Grade 12 fees for 2023

Online school, Brainline, has announced that it will not be increasing their annual tuition fees for Grade 12 in 2023. Brainline’s Financial Head, Rosa-Marie Cox-Cronje, says the decision was made after considering a number of factors.

We know parents are spending a lot of money on ensuring quality education for their children, so we felt that it is important to ease the burden on families. We have also built in ad hoc elements that were costed separately in the past. All invigilation costs have been included in the overall cost,” she says.

Cox-Cronje says Brainline’s comprehensive programme for Grade 12 provides students with the opportunity to control how, when and where they study, as well as access to unique resources needed to have the best learning experience.

We also provide dynamic additional support and an IEB compliant assessment programme to empower students with the skills required to not only advance to the National Senior Certificate, but prepare for tertiary education.”

Brainline’s Grade 12 programme ensures the following:

  • Learners follow a structured learning programme based on the IEB requirements, yet may do so in the comfort of their own home.
  • Completion of scheduled tasks, tests and examinations in furtherance of an IEB recognised Grade 12 SBA portfolio.
  • Assessments that are created by experienced subject specialists.
  • Learners receive progress reports after each assessment cycle.
  • Learners receive an academic record for future academic prospects.
  • Learners will benefit greatly from the unique academic support and guidelines supplied by Brainline throughout the year

Brainline CEO, Coleen Cronje, says they have provided innovative and quality-driven online schooling for more than 35 years and are proud to be the first online education provider recognised by the Independent Examinations Board.

Brainline’s registration with the IEB assures learners of quality assessment in accordance with national policy. This means our students can trust us to provide them with valid qualifications, which are accepted at other schools and national and international universities,” Cronje explains.

Cronje says the relationship with the IEB has proven to be successful for Brainline’s Grade 12’s; the consistent performance by these learners is a testimony to the efficacy of online learning.

Our pass rate has been consistently higher than 80% over the last few years and have rivaled that of the Department of Education. Our learners are extremely ambitious, motivated and dedicated to work towards their goals,” Cronje reiterates.

Brainline students were once again among the 12 000 IEB students who completed the 2022 matric exams recently. Cronje says now is the opportune time for basic education authorities to look at restructuring the current traditional school system by phasing in e-learning elements.

South Africans are familiar with a more traditional classroom set-up, but now is the time to evolve. E-learning and mobile learning should be viewed as a stand-alone or additional learning resource that can assist in accessing learning tools. President Cyril Ramaphosa in a recent State of the Nation Address said that the government wanted to provide learners with a tablet to access e-learning platforms. He also indicated that the government was working with network operators to reduce the cost of data. This drive should be on government’s radar more than ever before.