The Brainline Syllabus

Brainline is registered with the IEB and therefore uses an IEB-aligned curriculum – complying with the statutory requirements of the CAPS curriculum while adapting the content and assessment to focus on critical and creative thinking, and problem solving rather than rote learning. This ensures a high educational standard and is comparable to accredited international curricula, preparing learners for the real demands of the post-school environment.


Superior Educational Standards

Our content and assessments are adapted to focus on critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.

Compliant Curriculum

The curriculum is based on the CAPS assessment standards and complies with legal requirements.

Set Your Own Schedule

You are not bound by timelines, set schedules or frequent deadlines.

Study Material Options

Study material is available for purchase.(Available as ebook or hard copy from selected suppliers.)

Obtain A Valid Report (Optional)

Opportunity for optional formal examination, written from home at the end of the academic year, to obtain a Brainline report. (Highly recommended)

Need Academic Support?

If you require support from Brainline throughout the year, consider Grade 4-7 COMPREHENSIVE.

Curriculum and Assessment

Designed to aid the seasoned home educator in completing their academic year.

Compliant assessments, available for use by parents when compiling each learner’s annual portfolio of work.

Use the provided resources to measure your own progress.

Optional formal examination at the end of the year.

You Will Receive


Year work for completion under invigilation (controlled tests) or as tasks.

Subject Booklets

Contains recommended textbooks and work schedule, and assessment breakdown.

Marking Guidelines

For use by parents when marking completed tasks and formal tests.

Year-end report (Optional)

Following a fixed timetable, write the final exam from home to obtain a valid report.

You, the parent/guardian, are responsible for facilitating your child’s education and for sourcing his/her study material, although Brainline will provide you with a list of suggested resources and work schedule.

You will receive amid-year and year end self assessment portfolio for each subject. Marking guidelines are included and you, the parent/guardian/competent assessor, can mark these items at your own pace.

Your child/the learner should complete these items to prepare them for the exam and let you monitor their progress. (File these completed marked items as evidence of compliance).

Final Examination (Optional)

Following a fixed timetable, write the final exam from home to obtain a valid report.

Enrolment Period and Duration

Enrolment for final examination closes inSeptember. Portfolio items are completed at your own pace.

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of the previous grade is recommended.

Required Resources

Pencil Case



Coloured Pencils






Tennis ball / rubber ball

White board and pen



Grade 4, 5 or 6 Price per year

R3,500 p/a

Grade 7

R4,500 p/a

Grade 4, 5 or 6 Report2Go


Grade 7 Report2Go


Practical Subject Fees

As quoted

Study material: Purchase eBooks from Snapplify. Purchase hard copies from Credo Books. Prices subject to change without prior notice.