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Achieve your Matric through
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Brainline Edu2Go

Brainline Edu2Go

Ideal to kick off the distance learning experience! Presented for Grade R – 7, Edu2Go is designed to help you build the ideal platform towards a love for independent and lifelong learning.

Brainline Express


Offered to learners in Gr 8 – 11, BrainlineExpress is ideal if you want to use your own study material, and complete your portfolio at your own pace, but still want to get a report, at a very affordable fee.

Brainline IEB

Brainline IEB-aligned

Take control of your life, your studies and your future! Offered to learners from Gr 8 to 12 and Matric for Adults, this is the ultimate distance learning experience towards your fully accredited National Senior Certificate!

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  • I feel confident about the future. Brainline has given me a clear idea of what the real world holds. I can leave Brainline after my last exam and truly say, “Yes, you are MY school and definitely the leader in distance education!

    Jamin Kurik Grade 12
  • My kids have been with Brainline for four years now and I can truly say that the standard of your tuition, in my humble opinion anyway, is truly world class.

    Hilton Fisher Father
  • After a year of research on homeschooling, Brainline was the only place that provided us with, not only the best advice,  but also  everything we needed. It is easy to understand the lessons and work,  and because we are always traveling between our farm and cape town, it is easy to just take wherever we are.

    Magda Parent
  • You have a great team of staff working for you and your institution is one of the best I have ever came across. We would like to thank you very much for all your assistance. May God be with you, your staff and your institution and be blessed.

    Kent & Celesté Parents
  • Brainline has done wonders for my son and we are very proud to be with Brainline – thank you. We recommend two people to join and they have and thoroughly enjoying the experience with Brainline.

    Sharon Parent