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  • Grade R–12 (National Senior Certificate)

  • GED® Test preparation

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Brainline report Grade 8 9 10 11

The GED® is a Matric equivalent which may open doors for you, especially if you’re an adult who may not have the time to invest in doing Grades 10–12, and do not require access to bachelor studies.


An electrifying new technical NSC pathway for aspiring electricians, electrical engineers and entrepreneurs! Grade 10–12, with a choice between Electrical Systems or Digital Electronics.

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Grade 1-7: BrainlineEdu2Go offers a complete curriculum with Self-assessment. Optional Formal Assessment is available in June and/or November to obtain a Brainline report for Grade 1 to 7.

BrainlineEXPRESS >

Grade 8-11: Ideal if you want to use your own study material, and complete your SBA portfolio at your own pace. Formal assessment takes place after moderation in November to obtain a Brainline Report.

Brainline (IEB-aligned)

Grade 8-12: A complete curriculum and step-by-step assessment throughout the year — the ultimate distance learning experience towards your fully accredited National Senior Certificate.

BrainlineCOMPACT >

Grade 10 & 11 for adults: Complete Grade 10 and 11 in one year, and continue with Grade 12 in the following year to obtain your National Senior Certificate.

BrainlineHUB >

Grade 8-12: BrainlineHUBs are centres in which we accommodate learners for self-study in a relaxed atmosphere with the guidance of a qualified facilitator. Small groups of no more than 12 to a facilitator.

BrainlineTECH >

Grade 10 onwards: Electrical Technology equips learners with a firm foundation in electrical and digital principles. It prepares learners for a category which is much desired by the industry, tertiary institutions and entrepreneurs.