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Grade 1-7: BrainlineEdu2Go offers a complete curriculum with Self-assessment. Optional Formal Assessment is available in June and/or November to obtain a Brainline report for Grade 1 to 7.

BrainlineEXPRESS >

Grade 8-11: Ideal if you want to use your own study material, and complete your SBA portfolio at your own pace. Formal assessment takes place after moderation in November to obtain a Brainline Report.

Brainline (IEB-aligned)

Grade 8-12: A complete curriculum and step-by-step assessment throughout the year — the ultimate distance learning experience towards your fully accredited National Senior Certificate.

BrainlineCOMPACT >

Grade 10 & 11 for adults: Complete Grade 10 and 11 in one year, and continue with Grade 12 in the following year to obtain your National Senior Certificate.

BrainlineHUB >

Grade 8-12: BrainlineHUBs are centres in which we accommodate learners for self-study in a relaxed atmosphere with the guidance of a qualified facilitator. Small groups of no more than 12 to a facilitator.

BrainlineTECH >

Grade 10 onwards: Electrical Technology equips learners with a firm foundation in electrical and digital principles. It prepares learners for a category which is much desired by the industry, tertiary institutions and entrepreneurs.