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Brainline is proud to be an IEB-recognised distance education provider. The IEB is accredited by Umalusi.

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We believe that quality education should be accessible to students of all ages. It is our passion to equip parents to guide their children to achieve their National Senior Certificate through a wide range of valuable and innovative homeschool curriculum products and assessment services.


Proudly IEB-recognised

Brainline is proud to be recognised as a distance education provider by the Independent Examinations Board. The IEB is accredited by Umalusi.

A credible qualification

Your National Senior Certificate opens doors for you that allow for further studies, enabling you to pursue your desired future endeavors.

The freedom to excel

Brainline enables you to study from the convenience of your own environment — anywhere in the world.

More subject choices

Choose from our extensive subject offering of 24+ subjects — from the basics to more advanced subjects like Electrical Technology!

Testimonials from our valued clients

  • I feel confident about the future. Brainline has given me a clear idea of what the real world holds. I can leave Brainline after my last exam and truly say, “Yes, you are MY school and definitely the leader in distance education!

    Jamin Grade 12
  • My kids have been with Brainline for four years now and I can truly say that the standard of your tuition, in my humble opinion anyway, is truly world-class.

    Hilton Father
  • After a year of research on homeschooling, Brainline was the only place that provided us with, not only the best advice but also everything we needed. It is easy to understand the lessons and work,  and because we are always travelling between our farm and cape town, it is easy to just take wherever we are.

    Magda Parent
  • Brainline has done wonders for my son and we are very proud to be with Brainline – thank you. We recommend two people to join and they have and thoroughly enjoying the experience with Brainline.

    Sharon Parent
  • I am very impressed with Brainline, and wish I knew about Brainline three years ago. We are very grateful for the awesome service and friendly and helpful staff.



Distance education is beneficial for so many reasons.

No matter what your reason might be for educating your child through distance education, it is the ideal choice to unleash their full potential, allowing them to achieve their best academically.

The advantages of homeschooling:

  • Provides the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world.
  • Encourages self-motivation, dedication and responsibility.
  • Maximises the chances for academic success.
  • Develops skills for lifelong learning.
  • Allows for intimate parent-child relationships.
  • Offers the opportunity to nurture passions and talents.
  • Affords the freedom to socialise.

Homeschooling is ideal for learners who:

  • have barriers to learning,
  • prefer faster-paced learning,
  • have to attend international sporting events,
  • have parents that need to travel internationally,
  • wish to improve their grades,
  • want to take control of their studies, or
  • need religious flexibility.


Complete programmes for all ages

Brainline offers unique homeschool programmes that suit the needs of parents with children of all ages who wish to work towards a National Senior Certificate through distance education. This includes Grade R–12, single subjects, and an option for adults who wish to achieve their Matric.


Edu-123-Go! for Grade R–3 empowers you as parent/guardian to take control of your child’s most precious developmental years in the comfort of your own home.


BrainlineEXPRESS for Grade 4–11 allows you to choose and source study material for your child, and provides an assessment portfolio that your child can complete at his/her own pace.


Brainline CAPS-aligned for Grade 4–7 affords you the opportunity to control how, when and where your child studies, and allows access to all the resources you need to provide your child with the best learning experience and a compliant assessment programme.

Brainline IEB-aligned

Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 8–12 provides you with the opportunity to control how, when and where your child studies, as well as access to unique resources that you need to provide your child with the best learning experience and effective support through this CAPS-compliant assessment programme.


BrainlineCOMPACT is an exclusive Brainline interwoven Grade 10 and 11 curriculum that delivers core content in one academic year, accommodating time constraints and preparing a student for Grade 12 in the following year.

Single Subjects

Students in Grade 10–12 can choose from our extensive subject offering to complement their academic portfolios. Dynamic additional support and a compliant assessment programme empowers them with the skills required to achieve the NSC.


All your textbooks in one convenient place

Our curriculum is delivered through the downloadable Brainline eReader. The curriculum is in line with the Revised National Curriculum Statement for Grade R–12, and contains comprehensive learning material as well as teacher’s guides. It also enables parents to assist learners in mastering the requirements for subjects of their chosen academic year.

All your ebooks

Contains all your textbooks and study guides in one convenient place.

Print only what you need

You can choose to print only the pages that you really need. Saving you money, and the planet!

Enrol, download and go!

Get immediate access to your study material upon enrolment. With the click of a few buttons, you can download the Brainline eReader.

Uniquely designed

Our eReader is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate through subjects, books, chapters and guides.


brainONLINE – Your personal online campus

Assessment is exclusively delivered and managed through the student’s personal profile on, Brainline’s virtual online campus. The online delivery of assessment makes it possible to provide learners with timeous feedback. The learner has 24/7 access to the assessment website, and can track his/her progress as the marks become available.

Everything you need

All the processes, rules and regulations are conveniently grouped online to ensure that your studies align with the requirements.

Subject pages

All subject-related information, work schedules, information guidelines and assessments usefully grouped on each Subject Page.

Subject Specialists

Online content-related support from Subject Specialists via supplementary notes, audio or video files, as well as live webinars for exam preparation in certain subjects.

Tasks, tests and exams

Submit tasks, tests and exams online, and track your progress throughout the year.