The Brainline Syllabus

Brainline is registered with the IEB and therefore uses a curriculum that complies with the statutory requirements of the CAPS curriculum while adapting the content and assessment to focus on problem solving, and critical and creative thinking rather than rote learning. This ensures a high educational standard, preparing learners for the academic demands of high school.


Obtain a Valid Report

Your child will receive a valid progress report after each assessment cycle.

Superior Educational Standards

Our content and assessments are adapted to focus on critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.

Online Classes and Support

Work schedules, academic resources, video discussions and interactive classes are provided.

Guidance for Parents/Guardians

Guidelines in lessons and resources to help you facilitate your child’s learning.

Study Material Options

Study material is available for purchase.(Available as ebook or hard copy from selected suppliers.)

Detailed Reports and Feedback

Track your progress, access reports and assessment feedback, and receive regular communication from our academic team.

Academic Support

Work schedules that allow a student to plan their own academic schedule.

Dynamic and innovative resources, supporting learner needs.

Regular interactive online classes presented by qualified teachers.

Dedicated support from our academic team.

How Does It Work?

Assessments include tasks, oral assignments, tests and examinations, and may include practical tasks (PATs) and practical examinations.

Assessments are made available on our online learning platform.

All assessments are completed according to a fixed schedule.

Tests and/or examinations completed under invigilation using the application ProctorFree.

Tasks are marked by the parent/guardian according to the marking guidelines provided (excluding Grade 6, which is marked by Brainline).

Tests and examinations (formal assessments) are marked by qualified subject specialists.

Formal assessments are completed under invigilation, which may be the parent.

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of the previous grade is recommended.

Enrolment Period

Enrolment is open all year. Some assessments scheduled for earlier in the year may be compulsory.



Grade 4, 5 or 6 Price per year

R16,250 p/a

Grade 7

R22,000 p/a

Study material: Purchase eBooks from Snapplify. Purchase hard copies from Credo Books. Prices subject to change without prior notice.