Grade 10-12 International


Brainline’s International Secondary Certificate curriculum

The International Secondary Certificate (ISC) programme offers international students an alternative pathway to academic success and tertiary studies. The ISC programme is based on a curriculum developed by the IEB and supervised by the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa (SA). It covers schooling from Grade 10 to Grade 12, ensuring a holistic and well-rounded educational experience. With a comprehensive curriculum and assessment platform, and recognised qualifications, the ISC programme equips students with the knowledge and skills needed for future success.

Who is the ISC for?

Learners outside the borders of South Africa (e.g. expats, learners from SADC countries) who wish to obtain a South African school-leaving certificate that is accepted at all South African universities.


Accredited School-Leaving Certificate

Achieve your ISC, accredited by Universities South Africa (USAF) and the United Kingdom National Information Centre (UK ENIC).

Study Material Options

Study material is available for purchase as ebook or hard copy depending on country restrictions.

Write Exams in Your Country of Residence

Complete your ISC final exams at an IEB-approved exam centre across the globe.

Digital Pacer

Self-paced learning programme with a digital study pacer as a suggested work schedule.

Class Recordings

Full set of recorded classes provided
with schedules and other resources.

Self-study with Teacher Support

Self-study programme with connect opportunities with experienced teachers.

Checkpoint Assessments

Complete several assessment checkpoints in each subject throughout the year.


The ISC is approved by USAF as an acceptable school-leaving qualification for entry into SA universities. Also, UK ENIC recognizes the ISC’s equivalency to the GCE Advanced Subsidiary level, facilitating access to UK universities.


A comprehensive curriculum and assessment platform, recorded classes, teacher connect opportunities and subject resources.


Allows for an easy transition for students who have completed grades 10 and 11 on the NSC curriculum. The curricula are similar, difference may occur relating to geographical applications.


Brainline aims to facilitate exams in centres across the globe, and will endeavour to facilitate your centre of choice, provided that the exam centre is approved and accredited by the IEB.

Available Subjects

Languages (choose 2):
  • ISC Gr 10: Afrikaans Additional Language
  • ISC Gr 10: Afrikaans Primary Language
  • ISC Gr 10: English Additional Language
  • ISC Gr 10: English Primary Language
Mathematical Sciences (choose 1):
  • ISC Gr 10: Quantitative Reasoning
  • ISC Gr 10: Mathematics
Natural Sciences
  • ISC Gr 10: Physical Sciences (compulsory to take Mathematics)
  • ISC Gr 10: Agricultural Sciences (recommended to take Mathematics & Physical Sciences)
  • ISC Gr 10: Biology
Economic Sciences
  • ISC Gr 10: Accounting (recommended to take Mathematics)
  • ISC Gr 10: Business Studies
  • ISC Gr 10: Consumer Studies
  • ISC Gr 10: Tourism
Engineering & Computer Sciences
  • ISC Gr 10: Computer Studies
  • ISC Gr 10: Engineering and Graphics Technology
  • ISC Gr 10: Geography
  • ISC Gr 10: History
  • ISC Gr 10: Active Citizenry (mandatory)

How Does It Work?

You enrol for an assessment checkpoint when you are ready.

Assessments include tasks, oral assignments, tests and examinations, and may include practical tasks (PATs) and practical examinations.

You choose the time and day to complete the assessment checkpoint.

Assessments are made available on our online learning platform, and completed under invigilation using the application ProctorFree.

Marking and comprehensive feedback on all assessments by qualified subject specialists are included.

Proceed to the next checkpoint after attempting an assessment. Unlock additional exam preparation resources.

Admission Requirements

A pass result for the previous grade.

Enrolment Information


31 March 2024

November exam registration ends


April 2024



August 2024

Assessments become available


June/November 2025

Grade 10 final exams


Brainline International

Grade 10 or 11

R25,500 p/a

Single Subject

R4,000 p/a

Practical Subject Fees

As quoted

Study material: Available for purchase in ebook or hard copy depending on country restrictions.