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Registration with the IEB

We are proud to be registered with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), which enables our students to rest assured of quality assessment in accordance with policy.

Students who successfully complete their Grade 12 at Brainline will be awarded the National Senior Certificate issued by Umalusi. Students can now be quite certain that their hard work throughout the year will count towards their final results.

Each student’s future is at stake, and we are not willing to take any chances whatsoever. By joining the IEB, we can guarantee our best for each student.

Compulsory Practicals

Some subjects, such as Consumer Studies (only Grade 10 – 12), require a practical component. These practicals are provided for, at an additional cost, through the course of the year. The sessions are planned as part of our academic calendar, and are compulsory.

Is there any additional material that I may need?

All subject material is, wherever possible, included in the Brainline computer application. In some cases however, extra study material may need to be acquired. This may include the following:

Subject material of which the curriculum requirements have recently changed, making existing material obsolete. We may decide to make use of textbooks in these subjects, so as to eliminate inconvenience and delays to our learners.

Prescribed reading material for the languages, in grades 10 to 12.

Good computer equipment is a large investment that you make in both your and the learner’s future. Brainline not only uses the computer as a medium, but the learner (as well as the family) develop and refine essential skills which are indispensable in the modern age.

Drawing equipment and CAD for Engineering Graphics and Design.

Microsoft Office Professional (which includes MS Access) for Computer Application Technology.

Computer Requirements

Brainline on Microsoft Windows

  1. A computer with Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) or newer.
  2. An internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox for Windows.
  3. Recommended specifications:   2.33GHz, or faster Dual Core processor, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB hard-drive and 24+ speed DVD ROM drive.
  4. Colour monitor (17” minimum).


Brainline on Apple Mac

  1. Currently, the Brainline application is only compatible with Windows.
    You are however able to install a virtual Windows partition on your Mac.
  2. We recommend the use of Parallels, together with a licensed copy of Windows.
Anti-virus and internet security

Make sure that you have a very good program which offers a firewall as well as anti-spyware and virus protection, and keep it up-to-date with the program’s auto-update facility. There are a number of good programs available, such as Kaspersky, Bit-Defender, MacAfee and Norton. Avast is currently the best free anti-virus program available, but with it one requires additional software for anti-spyware, such as Spybot.

Internet access with e-mail

Consider broadband where possible. Minimum recommended internet speed is 1MBps – i.e. only one student per modem dial-up. The e-mail address of a family member or friend will not be suitable, since e-mail needs to be checked on a daily basis.

Printer & Scanner

Since you will need to do a considerable amount of printing, buy the best yet most economical printer you can afford, avoiding colour options, since this may be very expensive.

With suitable software for storing files in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, is an absolute necessity, especially for the higher grades. Written assignments, completed by the learner, can be scanned and attached in brainONLINE.

Additional Software Purchases
  1. Engineering Graphics & Design: requires TurboCAD 16 Deluxe.
  2. CAT: requires Office 2010 – 2013 Professional or Office 365 Home. Please note that we do not support Open Office.
brainONLINE – Our virtual online campus

The Brainline Learning Community comes to life on this site. This is our online campus, giving you access from anywhere in the world to our unique assessment services.

Some of the exciting aspects of the brainONLINE campus may include webinars and videoclips.

It is compulsory for learners to have reliable internet access, allowing them to play an active role in the brainONLINE campus. Their assessments are exclusively delivered and managed through the brainONLINE system.

Learners and parents in all other grades are assisted very conveniently with effective communication and information through the brainONLINE site. For these reasons, it is advised that, wherever possible, the best possible internet access is acquired.

Curriculum updates

We consider ourselves to be at the epicentre of development, continually innovating and developing our product and delivery systems to you, our valued client.

Most of our study material is licensed to you as the end user of the material, with a few exceptions. As it is supplied to you in digital format, you may wish to purchase the hard copy version at an additional cost.

How does Brainline work?

Brainline offers a complete school curriculum, a unique schooling system with the personal computer as its delivery vehicle. But we are much more than that – we are a learning community – a large group of people learning together, discussing concerns in the learning environment, making friends and solving problems, as we find our way in the vast world of education.

The downloadable computer programme (in almost all the grades) contains a full year’s content in all subjects and learning areas and grades, at school level from Grade 1–12.

Computer programme with complete course material:

All the study material, required by the learner, to complete his/her learning for the academic year, is provided via a downloadable programme. In some subjects, books are provided and an accompanying work schedule.

The lesson content can be printed, making the lessons conveniently paper-based.


Brainline complies with all the curriculum requirements of the Department of Education. The assessment process comprises of the following:

A) Formative assessment – where the parent is actively involved in the learning process, guides the learner, and takes corrective action where necessary. This is aided by the assignments and memorandums, provided with each lesson. As a result, the parents/guardian/tutor is assisted in his/her endeavour to stay actively involved in guiding the learner, without the necessity of an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

This type of assessment may or may not be actively recorded, but is mostly a verbal communication between learner and tutor.

B) Summative assessment (may vary per grade) – where the progress of the learner is actively recorded during the course of the year. Requirements for this assessment is done in the following way:

    1. A first and third term assignment, accompanied by memorandums (secured by passwords), done by the learner and marked by the parent/tutor/guardian, to aid corrective measures in the learning environment. The marked assignments are moderated by Brainline and therefore need to be submitted onto the brainONLINE site in their respective forums.
    2. A June exam, accompanied by memorandums (secured by passwords), done by the learner and marked by the parent/tutor/guardian, to aid corrective measures in the learning environment. This exam is moderated by Brainline and therefore needs to be electronically submitted to us, by uploading the marked file onto brainONLINE.
    3. A November exam, marked by Brainline.
    4. A portfolio which needs to be done during the year, in grades 8 to 12. This is an essential part of the academic requirements as set by the Department of Education and can be a valuable tool in maintaining a steady pace of work throughout the year. The portfolios are moderated by Brainline.
Registering with the Authorities

Registration with Brainline does not imply automatic registration with the Department of Education. Parents and guardians are urged to avail themselves of all the information regarding home schooling in South Africa.

Progress reports, reports and certificates

Parents may compile their own progress reports, using the different aids provided by Brainline. Brainline issues an optional annual report, on which parents may include other achievements such as music, sports, drama, etc. Please note that reports are only available with our full assessment packages.

Our grade 12-learners, receive their final certificate, as issued by the Examination Board, at the time of the examination. These exams are not set or marked by Brainline, but is administrated, set, marked and moderated by the Examination Board, which has to comply with the requirements and standards of Umalusi. This certificate is accepted at all Universities, Technicons and other tertiary institutions, based on their acceptance requirements.

Where do learners write their exams?

All exams, in all grades (with the exception of orals, practicals and the final grade 12 final examination), are written at home, in the presence of an independent invigilator. You are free to choose the invigilator, as long as he/she is not a direct member of the family.

Brainline provides you with an examination procedure as well as an examination timetable. Due to security requirements, exams need to be written within these time slots. Although exams can be downloaded well in advance, passwords are provided via SMS or a special page on brainONLINE, half an hour before the start of the exam. Exams may then be completed, in an off-line environment. If a paper has a quiz component, it has to be done online.

Grade 12-learners write all exams and written assignments at home. The final examination however has to be written either at the Brainline premises in Montana, Rivonia, Bloemfontein, Umhlanga or Stellenbosch.