Grade R

We like to play and learn!

Grade R is the first year of the Foundation Phase. It is the ideal programme for your children to develop a firm academic foundation, until the year in which they turn seven and start Grade 1.

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An integrated approach that focusses on
learning through play and fun activities.

Brainline has developed our own Grade R programme (curriculum) based on the CAPS requirements of the Department of Basic Education, while allowing you as parent/guardian flexibility. Our programme comprises a combination of a Home Language, First Additional Language, Mathematics, and Life Skills, which are addressed holistically with a theme-based approach.

Is Grade R the right product for you?

This is ideal if you:

  • would like to prepare your child for Grade 1.
  • want to educate your child through play activities.
  • don’t want to be bound by timelines.
  • want to complete selected modules at your own pace.
  • still want to comply with legal requirements.

School Readiness Test
The School Readiness Test is the ultimate conclusion to this programme. Learn more >

Already in Grade 1, 2 or 3 but need to develop required skillsets?

If your child needs to refine and perfect the skillsets that are essential for the successful completion of the Foundation Phase, and has not done Grade R, use this programme simultaneously as an academic support programme.

Grade R modules

1. Me, my family, neighbours and friends
2. In our home
3. My body
4. My senses
5. Good manners and hygiene
6. Days, months and seasons
7. Cook and enjoy

8. Dinosaurs, shapes and concepts
9. Fruit and vegetables
10. Zoo, animals and pets
11. From the farm
12. Jobs
13. Sport
14. Disasters

15. The ocean and its animals
16. Plants
17. Insects and other bugs
18. Deserts, mountains, jungles and oceans
19. Music
20. Transport
21. The world and space

Grade R at a glance

Admission requirements

There are no admission requirements for Grade R.

Programme content

Available as printed full-colour, theme-based modules, or as printable ebooks via your personal ebook library.


The parent/guardian is required to facilitate the child’s learning by guiding him/her through the activities in each module.

Programme availability

The Grade R programme can be purchased throughout the year.


There is no set schedule, and the modules can be completed in any order, throughout the year.

Required resources

Stationery and materials as recommended in each module, and internet access to download the ebooks when this option is selected.

Overview of Grade R

Learning outcomes

Outcomes include reading and viewing, design, data handling, listening exercises, interpretation, writing, language structure, thinking and reasoning.

An exciting range of topics

A wide range of topics is explored to expand your child’s knowledge of the wonderful world around him/her.

Any time and in any order

The 21 modules can be done at any time and in any order, as your child needs change.

Play and learn

Practical activities are applied to develop and promote the main skills that your child must master.

ABC and 123

The complete alphabet and number set is taught throughout the programme, with specific literacy and numeracy learning outcomes.

Compliant curriculum

The programme is based on the South African CAPS curriculum.

Options and prices for Grade R

Brainline Grade R (2019) Price
Grade R programme downloadable via brainONLINE:
Set of 21 modules in electronic, printable format. R3 500
Printed hard copies:
Ebooks and set of 21 printed modules R3 950*
Printing cost of books (Only available when purchasing the entire programme.) R450*
Single module R30*

*Includes the printing cost. Courier cost at own account per quote.

Getting started with Grade R

Option 1:

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  2. Follow the enrolment process.
  3. Select and purchase the Grade R programme.

Option 2:

Order printed hard copies

  1. Click on the button below.
  2. Purchase the set or a single module.
  3. The books will be sent via courier within 5 working days.
    Courier costs as per order form.