Grade 8 and Grade 9

Discover a more structured learning experience

With a wider range of subjects, the learner gets exposed
to a more structured learning experience,
in preparation of the higher grades to follow.

  • Formal Assessment

    The ideal homeschool solution with a complete curriculum and step-by-step Formal Assessment

  • Learning material

    Provided on a DVD, and updates available to download throughout the year.

  • Self-paced learning

    Convenient self-paced learning allows for one-on-one tuition.

  • Convenient Online Assessment

    School Based Assessment takes place on

A complete curriculum – in line with the CAPS


Brainline’s program for Gr 8 and 9 consists of a complete curriculum in line with the CAPS, which allows learners to be actively involved and continues to develop a strong love of learning. The lessons and resources enable the parent or tutor to guide the learner through the required modules in order to build on their base of knowledge required for successful academic development.

Lessons, tasks and memorandums are delivered via the Brainline DVD. It is advisable to store the completed lessons, as evidence of the learner’s progress and performance, in a personal file. You are not required to send these tasks to Brainline. Remember that your computer needs to be connected to the Internet to activate the learner’s profile, and accessed at least once every 30 days in order to keep the Brainline program active. Internet access is also required to download possible curriculum updates throughout the year.

Grade 8 & 9  Subjects

  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • English Home Language
  • Mathematics
  • Life Orientation
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences (Geography & History)
  • Economic and Management Science
  • Technology
  • Creative Arts

Step-by-step formal assessment to help you excel.


Assessment takes place on This is where we communicate with you, and where you download, complete and upload all your formal assessment assignments. You need to visit brainONLINE at least once a week to stay up-to-date with your studies.

Known as School-Based Assessment (SBA), it consists of tasks, PETS, PATS, oral assignments, compulsory practical sessions in some subjects, tests and examinations.

All Brainline’s formal assessments are moderated to ensure quality, validity and integrity, thus delivering only the best assessment to our learners.

Tests and exams are completed over the Internet in your own environment, under the supervision of a registered independent invigilator.


A mid-year report is issued after the exam in June, as well as a final report at the end of the year. The report includes the marks obtained from the School-Based Assessment, as well as the examinations.

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Brainline for you assistance in setting up my daughter’s course and for your very friendly and pleasant manner in which you deal with your customers.”

– Caroline