Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10 and Grade 11

Preparing for your National Senior Certificate!

Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11 provides a student with the opportunity to control how, when and where he/she studies as well as access to unique resources he/she needs to have the best learning experience. Dynamic additional support and a compliant assessment programme empowers students, equipping them with the skills required to advance to the NSC.

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Is Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11 the right product for you?

This is ideal for a student who wants to:

  • follow a structured learning programme based on the IEB requirements, in the comfort of their own home.
  • comply with the legal requirements.
  • receive academic support and guidelines from Brainline throughout the year.
  • complete scheduled tasks, tests and examinations.
  • have all assessments marked by experienced subject specialists.
  • receive progress reports after each assessment cycle.
  • receive a valid academic record, that is a prerequisite for admission to Grade 12.

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Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11 timeline

brainONLINE available

Cycle 1 Task submissions

Cycle 1 Test Series

Cycle 2 Task submissions

Cycle 2 Examination Series

Cycle 3 Task submissions

Cycle 3 Test Series

Revise the year’s work.

Cycle 4 Examination Series

Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11 at a glance

Admission requirements

A pass result for the previous grade.


Content is available as the brainMATHS Study Programme and as CAPS/IEB approved resources from well-known publishing houses.

Assessment Integrity

Supervision by an independent invigilator, registered with Brainline by the student, is required during tests and examinations.

Enrolment period

Enrolment is open throughout the year. All assessments scheduled for a date after enrolment must be completed, and depending on the subject requirements some assessments scheduled for earlier in the year may be compulsory as well.


One academic year per grade.

Subject choices

Choose one Home Language, one First Additional Language, Life Orientation, and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy. Then choose three additional subjects from the extensive Brainline offering.

Overview of Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11


Brainline is proud to include the accredited brainMATHS Study Programme, which offers students a unique opportunity to grasp this important subject, with this IEB-aligned product.

Prescribed content for other subjects is available for purchase either as ebooks via your personal ebook library or as hard copies. These approved textbooks from renowned publishing houses, have been specially selected to best assist students to excel.

Additional unique resources are continuously developed by subject specialists and are added to brainONLINE for students to utilise. These include:
tutorial and examination preparation videos,
PowerPoint presentations,
additional subject notes, and

Marking guidelines are provided post-assessment on brainONLINE for all assessments and core subjects. These are complemented by detailed video discussions conducted by subject specialists.

Students need to visit brainONLINE at least once a week to stay up-to-date with new dynamic content and resources.


Assessments are made available on brainONLINE. This is where we communicate with you, and where you download and upload all your child’s completed assessment items.

Tasks, tests and examinations are completed according to a fixed assessment schedule. Test and examinations are accessed via an unique password issued on the day of assessment. Supervision by an independent invigilator is highly recommended while your child completes these assessments in the comfort of your own home.

All assessments are completed according to a fixed schedule that is available on brainONLINE from the beginning of the year.


Marking of all assessments by experienced subject specialists is included in the product price.

You, the parent/guardian, are responsible for submitting all completed assessments within the allowed timeframes.


Assessment takes place on brainONLINE. This is where we communicate with students, and where assessments downloaded and are uploaded once completed. Feedback on assessments and communication from Subject Heads are also accessed on brainONLINE.

Assessment items include tasks, oral assignments, tests and examinations, and may include Practical Assessment Tasks and practical examinations, depending on the subject requirements.

Assessment Integrity

Tests and examinations are made available according to the prescribed assessment schedule and accessed with a unique password.

Students complete the assessments under the supervision of an independent invigilator who is registered at Brainline by the student.


Progress reports are issued after each assessment cycle. These provide a valid academic record for future academic prospects.

Promotion requirements

  • 40%+ for a Home Language and two other subjects
  • 30%+ for three other subjects
  • A student may have less than 30% in one subject in order to pass.

Subjects for Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11

To qualify for a National Senior Certificate, a learner should complete 7 subjects: one Home Language, an Additional Language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, and a minimum of 3 NSC approved subjects.


  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language

Natural Sciences

  • Agricultural Sciences*
  • Equine Studies*
  • Life Sciences*
  • Physical Sciences*

Economic Sciences

  • Accounting*
  • Business Studies
  • Tourism

Mathematical Sciences

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy

Culture and Arts

  • Music*
  • Dramatic Arts*
  • Visual Arts

Engineering and Computer Sciences

  • Engineering Graphics and Design*
  • Computer Applications Technology*
  • ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY – Digital Electronics
    (Grade 10 only)
    (Grade 10 only)


  • Geography
  • History
  • Life Orientation

Subject prerequisites

Mathematics is highly recommended.

Physical Sciences
Mathematics is compulsory.

You need to attend a compulsory scheduled oral session in Grade 12 at one of our five branches.

Computer Applications Technology
– Requires the full professional version of Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office 365 containing these full versions will also be accepted.
– Compulsory practical examination in Grade 12 at a Brainline branch.

Life Sciences
Compulsory practical examinations in Grade 12 at a designated Brainline branch. Additional fees apply.

Agricultural Sciences
Life Sciences is recommended.

Engineering Graphics and Design
Additional software required: TurboCAD 21 Deluxe. An A3 printer is required.

The student must have access to his/her instrument, must have passed at least Grade 2 theory and practical from an accredited examination board, and must be receiving private lessons that focus on (at least) Grade 3 theory and practice.

Equine Studies
– Grade 10–12: Access to a qualified international Level 1 instructor for practical assessments.
– Grade 10–11: Competing in graded or equivalent shows at Novice Level.
– Grade 12: Competing in graded or equivalent shows above Novice Level.
– Regular riding lessons.

Dramatic Arts
Compulsory practical examinations in Grade 12 at a designated Brainline branch. Additional fees apply.

Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11 options and prices

Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11 2019 Prices
Grade 10 or 11 (Textbooks not included. eBooks to be purchased separately.) R18 500
Grade 10 or 11 Single Subject R4 200
Application for Accommodations with the IEB (once off):
– During Grade 10 (recommended) R1 150
– During Grade 11 R1 970
1st Term Trial (7 subjects) R6 200

Getting started with Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 10–11

Step 1:

Enrol for brainONLINE Support and Assessments

Assessment takes place on brainONLINE. This is where we communicate with you, and where you download and upload all your child’s completed assessment items.

Step 2:

Study material

Access the study material via the Brainline eReader.


Purchase hard copies

Purchase hard copies from the Protea Bookstore
(recommended supplier).