Edu-123-Go! for Grade 1–3

We like to play and learn!

Edu-123-Go! for Grade 1–3 empowers you as parent/guardian to take control of your child’s most precious developmental years in the comfort of your own home.

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An integrated approach that focusses on
learning through play and fun activities.

Brainline has developed our own Grade 1–3 programmes, based on the CAPS requirements of the Department of Basic Education, with your child’s best interest at heart. Our integrated programme consists of a Home Language, a First Additional Language, Mathematics and Life Skills.

Is Edu-123-Go! for Grade 1–3 the right product for you?

This is ideal if you:

  • want to combine the National Curriculum with your personal life experiences and timelines.
  • want the option to allow your child to complete formal assessment activities and obtain a Brainline report.
  • still want to comply with legal requirements.
  • do not require academic support.

Already in Grade 1, 2 or 3 but need to enrich your child’s learning experience?

If your child needs support and you want to extend your child’s school curriculum, thereby perfecting the skillsets essential for successful completion of the Foundation Phase, use this programme simultaneously as an academic support programme.

Edu-123-Go! for Grade 1–3 at a glance

Admission requirements

The completion of the preceding grade is recommended.

Programme content

Available as printed, full-colour, theme-based modules, or as printable ebooks via your personal ebook library.


The parent/guardian is required to facilitate the child’s learning by guiding him/her through the activities.

Enrolment period

Enrolments are open throughout the whole year.


A suggested schedule that gives guidance on time management and planning is supplied.

Formal assessment activities

Optional Formal Final Assessment activities are available for June and/or November. The completed hard copies should be sent to Brainline.

Overview of Edu-123-Go! for Grade 1–3


Brainline’s Edu-123-Go programme consists of a fully integrated, day-to-day, scheduled programme that allows your child to be actively involved in developing their skills in the prescribed learning areas. The lessons and resources contain clear guidelines, enabling you as the parent/guardian to guide your child through the required themes.


Self-assessment items are included. You, the parent/guardian, will decide when your child should complete these items, and you are responsible for assessing the items according to the marking guidelines provided.

Optional Formal Assessments and reports

If enrolled for the optional Formal Final Assessments, these must be downloaded from your child’s online profile on brainONLINE.

Once completed, the original hard copies must reach Brainline via courier or PostNet by the date indicated on brainONLINE. Please keep a copy for future reference.

Formal assessment is optional, but nevertheless an ideal opportunity to externally assess your child’s progress. If your child is enrolled for the formal assessment items, he/she will receive a Brainline report. This is highly recommended as external evidence of your child’s CAPS-compliant assessment and academic record for future academic prospects.

Promotion requirements

According to the Draft Policy on Home Education, a parent/guardian may set his/her own promotion and retention requirements, provided these are equal to or exceed the standard requirements as determined by the national promotion criteria.

Options and prices for Edu-123-Go! for Grade 1–3

Edu-123-Go! for Grade 1–3 2019 Price
Grade 1–3 programme (Available on the Brainline eReader)
Full programme in electronic, printable format R5 200
Printed hard copies:
Full programme for Grade 1, 2 or 3 TBA*
Printing cost of books (Only available when purchasing the entire programme.) TBA*
Grade 1, 2 or 3 eBook & printing (one module) TBA*
Assessment (highly recommended)
June Formal Assessment R950
November Formal Assessment R950

*Includes the printing cost. Courier cost at own account per quote.

Getting started with Edu-123-Go! for Grade 1–3

Option 1:

Purchase the Grade 1–3
programme in printable format

  1. Click on the respective button below.
  2. Follow the enrolment process.
  3. Select and purchase the Grade 1, 2 or 3 programme.

Option 2:

Order printed hard copies

  1. Click on the respective button below.
  2. Select and order the full programme.
  3. The books will be sent via courier within 5 working days.
    Courier costs as per order form.

Option 3:

Enrol for assessments

  1. Enrol for the Optional Formal Final Assessment activities.