Innovative distance learning tools to help you excel in ways you’ve never imagined.

Brainline Learning World offers learners from all ages the invaluable
opportunity to study from anywhere in the world through quality and
convenient e-learning solutions for Grade R – 12 and learners older than 18.



BrainlineEdu2Go offers a complete curriculum with Selfassessment. Optional Formal Assessment is available in June and/ or November to obtain a Brainline Report for Grade 1 to 7.


Brainline IEB-aligned

A complete curriculum and step-by-step assessment throughout the year — the ultimate distance learning experience towards your fully accredited National Senior Certificate.



Ideal if you want to use your own study material, and complete your SBA portfolio at your own pace. Formal assessment takes place after moderation in November to obtain a Brainline Report.



BrainlineCOMPACT allows you to complete Grade 10 and 11 in one year, preparing you to continue with Grade 12 in the following year.

  • Take control of your studies - in your very own environment.

  • Enjoy a complete world-class curriculum right on your computer.

  • Convenient online assessment with access on

  • Dedicated subject advisors for unrivalled support throughout the year.

  • Take part in social events like camps and tours for everyone!

The Brainline Curriculum

The Brainline computer application contains the study material. It is available to download, on successful completion of the enrolment process.

The curriculum is in line with the revised National Curriculum Statement for Grade 1 to 12, and contains comprehensive learning material as well as teacher’s guides, which enable parents or tutors to assist learners to master the requirements for subjects of their chosen academic year.

  • Study anywhere, any time
  • Quick and easy curriculum updates
  • Conveniently on your computer
  • Everything is printable; print only what you need
  • An optional ordering facility is available,
    should you require the physical book

Assessment on brainONLINE

Formal assessment is exclusively delivered and managed through your personal profile on, Brainline’s virtual online campus.

The online delivery of assessment makes it possible to provide learners with timeous feedback. The learner has 24/7 access to the assessment website, and can track his/her progress as the marks become available.

  • Access your personal profile 24/7
  • Submit your tasks online
  • Easily track your progress – wherever you are
  • Minimal to no reliance on the post office or couriers
  • Marks and results cannot be “lost”

Convenient distance education
solutions for all grades and all ages.

Grade R – 7

Learning material contains a
complete set of lessons,
assignments, tasks and memorandums.

Option A: Self-assessment
Apart from the complete curriculum, additional tests and exams with memorandums are available for parents for self-marking. No Brainline report is provided.

Option B: Formal assessment
Formal assessment is optional at an additional fee, and takes place in June and/or November. Brainline marks these exams, and a Brainline report is issued to the learner.

Grade R >
Grade 1 – 3 >
Grade 4 – 7 >

Excel with
Grade 8 – 12

Study from the comfort of your own environment. Formal assessment consists of compulsory scheduled tasks, orals, tests and exams. These all form part of your portfolio for School Based Assessment. Your own nominated independent invigilator is required. Dedicated subject advisers support you throughout the year.

Only the Gr 12 final NSC exam needs to be written at a designated IEB approved examination centre (our 5 branches) in South Africa. Once you have successfully passed Gr 12, you will receive your official National Senior Certificate. Provided that you have fulfilled the requirements, you will be able to gain access to tertiary institutions.

Grade 8 – 9 >
Grade 10 – 11 >
Grade 12 >

Spread your wings with Matric for Adults

It’s never too late to achieve your Matric! If you are over 18 and have a computer with Internet access, you can achieve your matric through Brainline within only two years.

Year 1: Gr 10 & 11
Complete the compulsory scheduled assessment requirements for Grade 10 in the first six months of the year, and Grade 11 in the second part of the year.

Year 2: Gr 12
Once you have passed Gr 10 and Gr 11 successfully, you can continue with Gr 12 in the second year. All the IEB requirements are applicable.

Matric for Adults >