School Readiness Test

Evaluating your child’s maturity.

The School Readiness Test is the ultimate conclusion to any Grade R programme and will assist you to determine your child’s level of school readiness.

School readiness entails school, social and emotional maturity.

The purpose of this evaluation is to ascertain by means of exploration, observation and testing, your child‘s level of maturity and school readiness.

Any existing barriers to learning need to be considered when conducting the test.

The evaluation must take place over a period of a few days in an atmosphere of restfulness and stability, and preferably in the morning when your child is rested.

As your child develops through the year, this evaluation can be used to monitor his/her growth by allowing him/her to complete/conduct/redo the test periodically.

It may indicate areas that need additional or specialist attention and may help you as parent/guardian to identify possible barriers to learning.

The test may be conducted by you, the parent/guardian, or by an external support specialist or competent assessor.

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