brainline hub school

BrainlineHUB is an exclusive learning centre
model for learners in Grade 10 – 12.


Achieve your Matric through independent study in a relaxed
atmosphere with the support of a qualified facilitator.


A BrainlineHUB consists of small groups of up to 12 learners.


Supported by a qualified and dedicated facilitator with system knowledge.


Ideal for self-disciplined learners who would like to take control of their academic progress.


Owned and managed by Brainline to ensure outstanding service and standards.

The ultimate opportunity to excel

Quality facilitation of learners, who study through distance education, is a growing need of parents who are unable to attend to their children’s educational needs.

Brainline is thrilled to offer a solution which addresses this need — and we are proud to introduce the BrainlineHUB.

BrainlineHUB is a model which offers learners the invaluable opportunity to work towards their fully accredited National Senior Certificate in a safe and relaxed atmosphere with the support of a qualified facilitator.

A different approach towards academic excellence

The BrainlineHUB is not a traditional school. It is a safe place for learners who would like to be in control of their academic progress, working towards their National Senior Certificate.

There are no full time teachers, but a dedicated facilitator to guide each learner to understand their objectives, and assisting them to achieve them with self-confidence.

The Brainline curriculum and assessment is followed. A prescribed uniform is compulsory, and learners need to supply their own laptop.

Upon application and prior to final admission, a compulsory evaluation is done by an educational psycologist. This is done to identify special needs, and also to ensure that a personalised and supportive approach is implemented towards the learner’s academic progress.

The BrainlineHUB is ideal for learners who can and want to work independently towards their own academic excellence, and not a centre for learners with behavioural issues.

Our current and prospective HUBs across South Africa


Established BrainlineHUBs:

  • BrainlineHUB Montana
  • BrainlineHUB Middelburg
  • BrainlineHUB Umhlanga

Prospective BrainlineHUBs:

  • Stellenbosch
  • Bloemfontein
  • Rivonia
  • Boksburg
  • Richards Bay
  • Amanzimtoti
  • Rustenburg
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