Choose your own curriculum and resources, and complete the BrainlineEXPRESS SBA components for your portfolio!

Offered to learners in Gr 8 – 11, BrainlineExpress is ideal if you want to use your own study material, and complete your portfolio at your own pace, but still want to get a report.

Brainline Express is an affordable product which is designed to give you the freedom to complete your school based assessment (SBA) portfolio at your own time and pace.

You can source and use your own study material, while we provide you with the minimum assessment items required to complete the academic year.

You need to mark these SBA components upon receiving access to the memorandums, before you can submit your physical portfolio to us for moderation in August.

Should your moderated SBA portfolio comply with our standardisation and plagiarism policies, you may choose to write the final examination, as final requirement for a Brainline report.

This product is ideal for clients accustomed to unschooling, who wish to complete the academic requirements towards the New National Senior Certificate.

Brainline Express is ideal for application in small private schools, working towards their accreditation as a high school, as it allows them to utilise their own resources more economically.