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Enrolment for Grade 12 closed on 24 February 2017.

Documents required:

  • Signed Standard Agreement
  • Completed debit order (if full payment option is not chosen), along with:
    – Statement of income and expenses
    – Last 3 months’ bank statements
    – Last 3 months’ salary slips
  • Account holder’s ID
  • Learner’s birth certificate / ID
  • Previous year’s report (Gr 10 – 12)

Additional information:

  • The Brainline Curriculum Application is not yet compatible with Mac OS X. There is however a workaround. Please click here for more info.)
  • Grade 12 enrolments close in February.
  • Please scroll down for additional information.

Important information before you enrol

Enrol Brainline price list
  • Enrol online

    Create a Client profile and add the learners. Complete the payment process.

  • Verify and Approval

    We'll review your information and approve your application, based on valid academic record and payment arrangement.

  • Get your Curriculum

    As soon as you've received your final approval, you can download your study material from

  • Complete online Assessment

    Please be aware of practical and oral assessment at our centres that may be required for higher grades.

  • Get your Grade!

    Enjoy the benefits of being in control of your studies — in your own environment.

Computer Requirements

In order to make the most of your Brainline learning experience, we highly recommend that you have a trustworthy computer. Minimum specifications: Windows 7 or newer, DVD Rom, minimum of 2GB Ram, and at least 5 GB hard drive space.

Internet Requirements

You’ll need access to a stable and reliable Internet connection. Approximately 1GB will be sufficient per month for your online assessment on, as well as to download curriculum updates as and when it becomes available.

Independent Invigilator

An independant invigilator is required when Formal Assessment (test and exam sessions) takes place.  Your invigilator need to register with us, complete and pass the training course, and will then be responsible for the integrity of your tests and exams written in your own environment.

Using Brainline on Mac

Although our Brainline program is not yet compatible with Mac OS X, there is a solution to make this possible. You can create a Windows partition on your Mac. We recommend Parallels, a program which helps to make this a seamless experience. Your local iStore will be able to advise.

Social Activities

From unforgettable adventure camps, to the most glamorous annual Matric Farewell. Brainline offers many social activities to learners throughout the year. Who said homeschool isn’t fun?!

Grade 12 NSC Exam

Although all other Grades’ tests and exams takes place under the supervision of your nominated invigilator, the final Grade 12 IEB NSC exam should be written at one of our 5 branches in South Africa.