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Additional information

Computer Requirements

Minimum specifications:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  •  More than 2 GB Ram
  • At least 5 GB hard drive space

NOTE: Brainline’s computer application which contains the curriculum DOES NOT work on Apple Mac OS yet.

Internet Requirements

You’ll need access to a stable and reliable internet connection. Approximately 1GB will be sufficient per month for your online assessment on, as well as to download curriculum updates as and when it becomes available.

Independent Invigilator

An independant invigilator is required when Formal Assessment (test and exam sessions) takes place.  Your invigilator need to register with us, complete and pass the training course, and will then be responsible for the integrity of your tests and exams written in your own environment.

Grade 12 information

Registration for grade 12 closes in February. Although all other Grades’ tests and exams takes place under the supervision of your nominated invigilator, the final Grade 12 IEB NSC exam should be written at one of our 5 branches in South Africa.

Documents required

  • Signed Standard Agreement
  • Debit order mandate (if full payment option is not chosen)
  • Proof of Income (latest bank statement OR salary slip)
  • Copy of account holder and learner’s ID/passport/birth certificate
  • Previous academic record (if it is your first year at Brainline) is required for Grade 10 to 12.
Brainline Report Grade 1 2 3
Brainline report Grade 8 9 10 11

BrainlineEdu2Go for Grade 1–7

BrainlineEdu2Go offers a complete curriculum with Self-assessment, that consists of tests, tasks and examinations with memorandums for use by the parent/tutor. Optional Formal Assessment is available in  June and/or November to obtain a Brainline report.


A complete curriculum with Self-assessment.


Convenient, self-paced programme that allows a flexible learning schedule.


Optional formal assessment in June and/or November to obtain a report.


Access to Brainline Facebook Groups, brainONAIR and brainONCOMMAND.

Brainline Edu2Go Grade 1–3 Grade 4–6 Grade 7
Standard price R5 060,00 R7 990,00 R8 400,00
Discounted price (-30%) for enrolment in October 2017
R3 542,00 R5 593,00 R5 880,00
25% Deposit R885,50 R1 398,25 R1 470,00
Settlement amount (November 2017)
R2 656,50 R4 194,75 R4 410,00
June Formal Assessment n/a n/a n/a
November Formal Assessment R890,00 R1 400,00 R1 420,00

* OCTOBER 2017 PROMOTION – 30% DISCOUNT (Only on enrolments for the 2017 academic year)
BrainlineEdu2Go consists of a complete curriculum and self assessment (tasks and examinations with memorandums). 25% deposit of the standard annual fee is payable upon registration, with the balance payable in November. To obtain a Brainline report, optional formal assessment is available in June and/or November. This offer is only valid until 1 November 2017. Terms and conditions as stated in the Brainline Standard Agreement apply.

BrainlineEXPRESS for Grade 8–11

BrainlineEXPRESS is an affordable option, designed to give learners the freedom to complete their School-based Assessment (SBA) portolio at their own time and pace. A final examination can be written at the end of the year to obtain a report.


Source and use your own curriculum and resources.


Complete the SBA components at your own pace.


Upon receiving the memorandums, you are responsible for the marking of the SBA items.


Internet access is only needed during the final examination in November.

Brainline EXPRESS Grade 8-9 Grade 10-11
SBA-package (7 subjects) R4 650,00 R5 820,00
Final examination (7 subjects) R4 160,00 R4 160,00
Single subject (SBA) R820,00
Single subject (examination) R580,00

Brainline (IEB-aligned) for Grade 8–11

Brainline’s program for Grade 8–12 is aligned with the requirements of the Independent Examinations Board. It consists of a complete CAPS curriculum, and tasks, tests, and examinations are completed throughout the course of the year.

Brainline (IEB-aligned) Grade 8-9 Grade 10 Grade 11
Curriculum and assessment (7 subjects) R15 300,00 R19 800,00  R20 220,00
Single subject and examination R3 900,00  R3 900,00
Bridging examination (7 subjects) R4 830,00  R4 830,00
Supplementary examination R1 460,00  R1 460,00
Practical fee: Consumer Studies  R2 300,00

* 20% DISCOUNT for enrolments in Term 3 for the 2017 academic year
Get 20% discount on the curriculum fee when you enrol for Grade 8–11 from 1 July 2017 – 29 September 2017. Discount is not applicable to any practical, supplementary or bridging examination fees.

BrainlineCOMPACT Grade 10 & 11 for adults

BrainlineCOMPACT is ideal for persons over the age of 18 who wish to complete Grade 10 and 11 in one year, and continue with Grade 12 in the following year. Disclose: You have the option to write the Grade 10 examination in November at no additional cost.

Brainline COMPACT
Grade 10 Curriculum and assessment (7 subjects) R8 250,00
Grade 11 Curriculum and assessment (7 subjects) R8 250,00