Any learner from the public can now join
South Africa’s e-Library for a minimal monthly fee!

(Registered Brainline learners get this exciting add-on —  FREE of charge.)

Brainline is excited to partner with South Africa’s e-Library to provide learners (even to those who are not registered with Brainline) with the opportunity to join the digital library world.

This unique e-Library has a large variety of:


  • e-books,
  • audiobooks and
  • read-along books,

and it is continuously adding new books to its collection.


The library can be accessed from your smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet. You need to be online to access the material. Once a book is downloaded, you don’t need an active Internet connection to read/listen to it.


Please complete this form. e-Library will then provide you with a library card number and information on how to access the library. Unless you are a registered Brainline student, you will be responsible for the subscription fee for this service.


More information can be obtained from www.e-library.co.za.


Are you a registered Brainline learner? Click here to get FREE access.