There are many reasons why Brainline is
the Leader in Distance Education

You’ll love being part of the Brainline family!

Brainline Learning World

Brainline has over 29 years of passionate experience in distance education.

Brainline strives to be an innovative, quality-driven e-learning distance education institution. Celebrating 29 years in 2019, we continue to do what we love — enabling more and more learners to achieve their National Senior Certificate through innovative distance education solutions.

brainline ieb matric

Brainline is proudly registered with the IEB,
well-known for their high standards.

Brainline’s registration with the IEB assures you of quality assessment in accordance with policy. This means that you can trust Brainline to assist you on your journey as you work towards your fully accredited National Senior Certificate.

brainline university

Achieve your authentic National Senior Certificate, which allows for further studies after Grade 12.

Once you’ve complied with the national policy requirements of Grade 10—12, you are awarded the National Senior Certificate (NSC), issued by Umalusi. The NSC is a 130 credit certificate at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), and allows you to access further education – should you fulfil all the requirements for tertiary studies.

brainline distance learning

Brainline allows you to study from the convenience of your own environment — anywhere in the world.

Brainline Learning World offers learners from all ages the invaluable opportunity to study from anywhere in the world through quality and convenient e-learning solutions. Whether this is due to learning challenges, self paced learning, international sporting events, or parents that need to travel often, you can achieve your grades from the convenience of your own environment.

brainline brainonline online assessment

Brainline offers valid, reliable and consistent online assessment.

Brainline delivers assessment online, which takes place on This is where we communicate with our learners, and where they download, complete and upload all their formal assessment assignments. All Brainline’s formal assessments are moderated to ensure quality, validity and integrity, thus delivering only the best assessment to our learners.

brainline curriculum

Brainline offers a complete curriculum
of the highest standards — in line with CAPS.

The curriculum is provided via the Brainline computer application, which can be downloaded from the Internet. The curriculum is in line with the revised National Curriculum Statement and contains comprehensive learning material. It also includes teacher’s guides that enable parents or tutors to assist learners in mastering the requirements for each of their subjects.

brainline support staff

Brainline has an entire team of dedicated staff members to assist you throughout your journey with us.

You are not alone on your journey towards achieving your Matric. Brainline supports you from the moment you enrol, to the last day when you complete your final Grade 12 examination. We have dedicated subject advisors to facilitate you with your studies, a Client Advisory Centre to assist with your general enquiries, as well as subject-related Facebook Groups where you are instantly connected with your peers.

Brainline social friends

Brainline offers many social opportunities — from a glamorous matric farewell, to the most memorable camps and tours!

Studying through Brainline does not mean that you are all on your own. There are many opportunities to get actively involved in community projects. You can take part in sport clubs too. But even more exciting, is Brainline’s annual matric farewell. Brainline also hosts tours and camps, which are always loads of fun!

brainline special needs accommodation

Brainline goes out of its way to accommodate
learners with special needs — enabling the disabled.

Do you require special consideration for dyslexia, reading or learning difficulties? Through the IEB, we can facilitate your application for accommodation during tests and exams. Talk to us — we can help!

Are you visually impaired or do you have another disability? We can accommodate learners who are Braille-competent. By using the latest technology, we may be able to facilitate your Matric.

improve your grade

Brainline gives you the opportunity to improve your grades, and even take additional subjects.

If you wish to improve your marks after you have done your Matric, you can rely on Brainline to assist you in achieving new heights. You can also take additional, single subjects in order to supplement your National Senior Certificate.

rsponsibility brainline strong willed child

Distance education through Brainline teaches the learner responsibility, independence and develops skills for lifelong learning.

There are many advantages to distance education. Apart from the flexibility, it allows you to study from the convenience of your own environment. It also encourages self-motivation, dedication, responsibility and disciplined routines. It gives you control over your studies, which maximises your chances towards academic success. Distance education develops skills for lifelong learning, allows for intimate parent-child relationships, and gives you the freedom to nurture your passions and talents. All of this amounts to an invaluable learning experience!