The Grade 12 candidates of Brainline Learning World who wrote the National Senior Certificate exam, successfully received their results on the 31st of December 2014.

Moments after the Independent Examinations Board released the results on their website at midnight, our learners cheerfully buzzed on our social networks! “It was scary, but when I got it, I was happy!” said Sibrina D’Andrea on Facebook.

Coleen Cronje, CEO of Brainline Learning World, said: “We are SO proud, because our learners study toward their matric certificate without the aid of a full time school and full time teachers. They are special indeed! May all their dreams for their future, be launched in 2015!” Brainline is proud to have an increased pass rate from 67% in 2012, to an astonishing 70% in 2014!

We are very proud to have three learners at Brainline who achieved exceptional marks, which placed them in the Top 1% of each subject, of all the candidates who wrote the IEB’s NSC exam:

  • Sara Yokoinele, with 98% for French Second Additional Language.
  • Jean-Jacq du Plessis, with 4 places in the top 1% — Geography with 92%, Life Sciences with 89%, Mathematics with 99% and Physical Sciences with 92%.
  • Valentim Christiao Dreyer with 96% for Information Technology.

Some of our star performers were (enrolled for single subjects):

French Second Additional Language
– Sara Yokoinele 98% (Top 1% for the IEB, for candidates per single subjects)
– Myriam Yokoinele 95%

Mathematical Literacy
– Recelle Robbertse 89%

Some of our star performers were (enrolled for all 7 subjects):

Jean-Jacq du Plessis, with 5 A’s (also in the top 1% for the IEB, for candidates per single subject, for Geography, Life Sciences, Mathematics & Physical Sciences)
– English Home Language 78%
– Afrikaans Frist Additional Language 85%
– Geography 92%
– Life Orientation 79%
– Life Sciences 89%
– Mathematics 99%
– Physical Sciences 92%

Valentim Christiao Dreyer, with 4 A’s, (also in the top 1% for the IEB, for candidates per single subject, for Information Technology)
– Afrikaans Home Language 77%
– Business Studies 69%
– English First Additional Language 79%
– Information Technology 96%
– Life Orientation 81%
– Mathematics 93%
– Physical Sciences 82%

Candidates with 3 A’s:
– Myles Rennie Booysen
– Bridget Greenslade
– Amy Wynne Pierce
– Stephanie Monique Schaffrath
– Tanika White

Special mention is made of Christopher Pieterse, who not only passed his New NSC with flying colours, but also took part in the “IEB Advance Programme Mathematics” and achieved a score of 69%. We are proud of your double achievement, Christopher!

“The IEB conducts assessment in three Advanced Programme (AP) courses, namely AP Mathematics and AP English and Afrikaans. These are courses are designed for strong school-going learners with a specific talent and interest in the fundamental disciplines of Mathematics and literature study. The AP courses are available to any learner in South Africa who chooses to participate. Hence learners in both IEB and state schools make use of the opportunity to extend their learning and challenge their own abilities through these programmes. The assessment has been benchmarked by UK NARIC, the UK equivalent of the South African Qualifications Authority, and are considered equivalent to the UK A-levels. Learners who have been successful in these courses have shown conclusively that there are a significant number of South African learners whose academic performance is comparable with the highest school-leaving standards in the world.” Quoted from the IEB Press Release, 31st of December 2014.

Congratulations to each and every Gr 12 candidate. You make us very proud!

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