Grade R is the first year of the foundation phase of outcomes-based education.
It is ideal to develop a firm academic foundation for children aged 4½ to 5½.
With Brainline’s 21 Grade R modules, your child will enjoy learning
while exploring the world through games and fun activities.


ABC and 123

The complete alphabet and number set is learned throughout the curriculum with specific literacy learning outcomes. 

Play & Learn

Practical activities are closely applied to develop and promote the main skills the learner needs to acquire. 

Approved Curriculum

Our brand new curriculum is based on the new South African curriculum with specific learning outcomes in each module. 


Learning Outcomes

Outcomes that are addressed include: reading and viewing, design, data handling, listening exercises, interpretation, writing, language structure, thinking and reasoning.

A Range of Topics

A wide range of topics are explored to expand the student’s knowledge of the wonderful world around him/her.

Anytime, in any Order

 The 21 modules can be done at any time and in any order, as the needs or circumstances of the learner allow.


A - Buy the Complete Set

21 Full Colour Books + FREE CD

  • 21 Full colour modules.
  • Ring bound for your convenience.
  • FREE CD with all 21 modules.
  • CD Includes audio stories.

B - Buy the CD

21 Modules on a CD

    • 21 Full colour modules.
    • All lessons are printable.
    • CD Includes audio stories.
    • Works on Windows XP and Windows 7.

C - Buy a Single Module

Choose a Single Module

    • Choose from 21 modules.
    • Available on CD or Book.
    • CD Includes audio stories.
    • Lessons are printable.

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