About Brainline Learning World

Meer oor Breinlyn Leerwêreld

In a day and age, where demands placed on schooling by industry and life itself is challenging to say the least, an alternative form of schooling, based on the latest technology, offers a refreshing new choice to the learner of the digital age.

Taking control of one’s education places the responsibility in the hands of both parents and learners alike. The quality of standardised, bite sized learning units, complete with its own assessment project and memorandum attached, enables learners and their parents, guardians or tutors, to meet the minimum requirements of the national curriculum as set by the National Department of Education of South Africa.

Brainline is of the opinion that the education of learners is an exciting journey for the entire family, and amongst all of this, the learning environment should be made what it was supposed to be all along: supportive, calm, exciting and adaptable to the needs of the learner.

We see our role as assisting the parent/guardian/tutor in maintaining a high standard of education by standardization of the curriculum as well as presenting study material to the learner in a simple and understandable way. We fully understand that the study material supplied may be the only source available to the learner and parent alike.

In vandag se lewe is die vereistes wat deur beide nywerhede en die lewe self aan die onderwys gestel word om die minste daarvan te sê, uiters uitdagend. Teen hierdie agtergrond bied ‘n alternatiewe vorm van onderwys, gebaseer op die nuutste tegnologie, ’n verfrissende nuwe keuse vir die leerder in die digitale era.

Wanneer ’n ouer / voog die onderrigproses oorneem aanvaar hy ook ten volle die verantwoordelikheid daarvoor. Hoë kwaliteit, gestandaardiseerde, hanteerbare leereenhede, met assesseringsprojekte en memoranda aangeheg, maak dit moontlik vir leerders en hulle ouers, voogde of tutors, om aan die minimum vereistes van die nasionale leerplan, soos neergelê deur die Nasionale Departement van Onderwys van Suid-Afrika, te voldoen.

Breinlyn glo dat die onderwys en opvoeding van leerders ‘n opwindende reis is vir die hele gesin. Die onderrigomgewing moet dan ook verander word na wat dit nog altyd bedoel was om te wees: kalm, ondersteunend, opwindend en aanpasbaar by die leerder se behoeftes.

Ons sien ons rol soos volg: om die ouer/voog/tutor te help om ‘n hoë standaard van onderrig te handhaaf, deur middel van die standaardisering van die leerplan, asook die aanbieding van studiemateriaal op ‘n eenvoudige en verstaanbare wyse. Ons is ten volle bewus daarvan dat die studiemateriaal wat aangebied word die enigste bron mag wees wat aan die leerder en tutor beskikbaar is.


The late Dr Hannes Cronje started the concept of a full curriculum for home education in 1987, where the first interactive lessons were written as an addition to the Personal Computer. This was sold as added value to the standard Microsoft Software.

Soon the request came for complete printable lessons, in line with the curriculum as presented in “traditional” schools, for use as an addition to, or substitution of these schools. When the first lessons were supplied on “stiffies” to Namibian clients in 1993, the true “School on Computer” was born.

Gradually the complete curriculum was developed as printable lessons in all grades. Where lessons were not available on computer, the curriculum was supplied as textbooks. It was found however, that as a general rule textbooks are not suitable for use in the home education environment due to incomplete reference material.

In 1999 Brainline was registered with the Gauteng Department of Education as an examination centre (EMIS number 249004). Simultaneously Brainline was registered with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) (centre number ZA058) as an examination centre. This was the first time that Brainline was able to offer the grade 12 students an exit qualification in the form of a Senior Certificate, or a combination of Higher International Certificate subjects as offered by CIE.

Over the years the curriculum has been constantly adapted to suit the specifications of the National Department of Education, and the needs of the home education community.

With the change of curriculum the need for Continuous Assessment throughout the year, as a requirement for grade 12, changed the face of distance education, as no provision was made for the distance or home education candidate for successful completion of his/her National Senior Certificate.

Since then Brainline has been actively involved in opening the avenues for distance education candidates for obtaining the school-based qualification of their choice.

Our Vision

• To accomplish this vision, Brainline Learning World relies on commitment to Quality Management.

• We respond to the needs of South African learners, by providing wide access to assessment, in line with the New Curriculum Statement, to learners in all grades.

• We are committed to increasing and maintaining the accessibility of school-based qualifications to learners at all levels of society (irrespective of race, gender or religion), in all academic school grades, irrespective of their mode of learning, by using online internet digital delivery of study material and assessment.

• We are committed to presenting an e-Learning Distance Education Learning Program at all levels of learning that instils the ability / skills for lifelong learning.

• We value the use of technology to enhance the quality of education.

• We value the provision of a centralized system to ensure optimal maintenance of an e-Learning Distance Education infrastructure.

Our Mission

Brainline Learning World is committed to providing a quality e-Learning education and assessment service to the distance education candidate from Grade 0 to Grade 12.

The institution guarantees commitment to quality e-Learning Distance Education through:

• Promotion of lifelong learning in all learning areas through study material that complies with the New Curriculum Statement.

• Provision of a full-time learner-centered Customer Care Centre, through competent, aware and committed employees, to ensure satisfied customers.

• Portraying trustworthy technology support to guarantee integrity / validation of information through electronic security measures.

• Offering a national accredited e-Learning Distance Education Learning Program and Assessment, within the legislative framework of the South African Department of Education.